Some People Never Learn


I’m driving across town the other day when this guy in his cool new ride pulls up alongside me at a stop light.   He seems to be in a hurry because he doesn’t bother to stop in the right place but rolls right past me and stops in the crosswalk where he blocks two women and a guy in a wheelchair who now have to go around him, but he doesn’t care.   I’m guessing he probably does this all the time.   When the light changes he goes pedal to the metal and leaves me in the dust.   I drive on at the lawful speed like I always do and, well how do you like that?   There he is, waiting for me at the next stop light.   Ever notice how much that happens?   This time he shoots me a dirty look and once again races away with the green light.   You probably know what’s coming.

The same thing happens no fewer than seven times as we cross town together.   Each time we stop, look at each other, he gives me a dirty look, then races out of sight at full throttle but there I am right behind or alongside him at the next light.   I’m trying hard to keep a straight face but this time he catches me in his rear view mirror laughing at him.   Now he’s really pissed, decides he’s had enough and goes into road rage mode.   This time he stays put through the green light so I can’t go.   I remember this trick from my stupid kid days in L.A. when we did dumb stuff like that so I’m watching my mirrors pretty close, hoping I don’t get rear ended.   Then when the light goes yellow for us he flips me the single digit salute and smokes through the intersection nearly causing a four-car pileup and then disappears around a curve.   I’m thinking, well, this time he pulled it off, but nope.

The next time I see him, he and his ride are at the curb and he’s getting an in-your-face earful from one really angry deputy sheriff.   I give him a friendly wave on the way by but I don’t think he sees me.

This is not about learning to drive,   This is about staying alive!   See you next time . . . I hope!  

2 thoughts on “Some People Never Learn

  1. Kate G

    In the city I come across idiot drivers every day. Everyone is in a hurry – well, not everyone, slow people in the fast lane irritate the hell out of me – but, I think the worst part are those who are completely oblivious to everyone else. They go along as if they are the only people on the road. The aggressive drivers are also a piece of work. Those that go along at 30 mph in a 40 and then speed up to 50 when you try and pass. It’s incredible. People take driving much too personally. And don’t get me started on those who don’t have any regard for cyclists!

    I think everyone needs to take a deep breath. Tell themselves it’s not worth it to become aggravated (myself included), be aware of your surroundings and chill! In this crazy world we have become conditioned to be uptight and defensive – about everything! But being uptight on the road can have a much more dangerous outcome than being stressed sitting in your office.

    Leave a few minutes early, put on some smooth jazz, a good audio book or something from the Terry Smith collection. Make it a personal me-time experience.

    Easier said than done I know!

    1. Post author

      Thank you for the very salient comments. Where is it written that we all have to drive as if our tails are on fire? Terry Smith collection can be found online.


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